The Brand of Art Jewelry

LUMIN GARDEN, custom-made jewelry brand, always creates the unique heritage collection for extraordinarily successful people.

We always care very much about the collectors’ participation. The jewelry not only exquisitely display the designer’s observation of nature and culture, but also skillfully integrate with the collectors’ story and philosophy. Therefore, every work owns its unique characteristic.

For making the works perfect, LUMIN GARDEN takes extremely high standards on material selection. Whether the main stones or small side stones, only to meet the "medium to medium-dark” tone, "strong to vivid" saturation and fine brilliance can be selected. And such items, in fact, are less than 5% in the market.

High jewelry is especially LUMIN GARDEN's strength. Manufactured by over 20-year-experienced handcrafter, the touch is smooth and delicate. Each works is a piece of art illustrating the coordination of nature and human.

"Oriental art especially respects the combination of external form and internal spirit. With this point of view, I would like to create a different aesthetic style for jewelry design."

Chief Designer.

Fine Art × Jewelry Design

With ten years of art training, specializing in various Chinese calligraphy and Western painting, Yi-Hsuan Lee attempts to cross the border to interpret the jewelry aesthetics.
Yi-Hsuan Lee
GIA Graduate Gemologist

In childhood, Yi-Hsuan Lee lived abroad for many years, following her architect father’s steps walking through Africa, the Middle East and East Asia. She was not only brought up with a wild-spread vision, but also inherited her father's talent. Yi-Hsuan Lee has an extraordinary sense to colors, lights and the subtle changes in texture. No matter in learning calligraphy, Chinese painting, or Western painting, she can get the feel of it and catch the trick very soon, and shape out her own style.

Taiwanese history has combined Chinese, Spanish, the Netherlands, Japanese, and the Aboriginal cultures. We have 3,000 meters high mountains and forests, surrounded on all sides of the ocean. Since Lee Yi-Hsuan Lee came back to Taiwan, where all the cultural and ecological diversity there is has provided her with rich creative nutrients. With more than ten years’ orthodox fine art training, she can sketch out the unique fantasy world in mind with delicate meticulous lines.

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