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Extraordinarily Outstanding – Pine and Crane

After a seven-month duration, the final assembly of Yi-Hsuan Lee’s sculpture “Pine and Crane” was completed. “The making of the work was not easy. I firstly shaped its figure bit by bit with oil-soil carving, and then sculpted the texture and grain in detail. After that, it was broken down into 56 parts for casting, and every piece needed to be polished individually before the final reassembling. I really am deeply moved and satisfied seeing its completion.”

To demonstrate the snowy ethereal beauty of the crane, “Pine and Crane” uses silver stainless steel castings. Yet, the hardness of stainless steel also greatly increased the difficulty of making the work, especially the polishing process. To reveal luster on the fairy crane and the pine’s texture-covered surfaces as much as possible, all craftsmen bended over backwards.

“Jewelry or sculptures, I hope to achieve the unity of form and spirit as well as the flow of rhythmic vitality.”

During the stage of carving, Yi-Hsuan Lee already developed many fine details such as how the old pine is wreathed in floating clouds and how the crane’s feathers go slightly upward for being kissed by airflow. As such, “Pine and Crane” presents more of a dynamic moment than a still posture, hence making the whole piece more vivid and lively.

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