Contemporary Oriental Jewelry

With the rise of the Asian market in the 21st century, the Eastern world is receiving increasing importance day by day. Hence, in the field of art jewelry, a new force with cultural representation is exceedingly anticipated.

Since the 1880s, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, streamlined style, and Minimalism of the Western world has almost defined the look of today’s jewelry. In comparison, the oriental jewelry design accumulated over thousands of years appears overly traditional, making it hard to incorporate into modern people’s wear.

Jewelry can not only serve as a kind of ornaments but reflect people’s attitudes and minds. Born and growing up in the modern East with a unique and deep cultural background, is it possible for us to create a new style with the essence of the East but not old-fashioned?

LUMIN GARDEN is the answer. With the aim to “create contemporary oriental jewelry that passes down culture yet not to be restricted by tradition,” founder Chun-Yuan Tan and interdisciplinary artist Yi-Hsuan Lee together established LUMIN GARDEN Art Jewelry.

“Oriental art especially respects the combination of external form and internal spirit. With this point of view, I would like to create a different aesthetic style for jewelry design.” In childhood, Yi-Hsuan Lee lived abroad for many years, following her architect father’s steps walking through Africa, the Middle East and East Asia. She was not only brought up with a wild-spread vision, but also inherited her father’s talent. Yi-Hsuan Lee has an extraordinary sense to colors, lights and the subtle changes in texture. No matter in learning calligraphy, Chinese painting, or Western painting, she can get the feel of it and catch the trick very soon, and shape out her own style.

Taiwanese history has combined Chinese, Spanish, the Netherlands, Japanese, and the Aboriginal cultures. We have 3,000 meters high mountains and forests, surrounded on all sides of the ocean. Since Yi-Hsuan Lee came back to Taiwan, where all the cultural and ecological diversity there is has provided her with rich creative nutrients. With more than ten years’ orthodox fine art training, she can sketch out the unique fantasy world in mind with delicate meticulous lines.

High Quality Material

LUMIN GARDEN uses only natural gemstones with top 5% quality and chooses materials with extremely strict selection criteria. Whether it is the big-sized main stone or small matching ones, conditions such as vibrant color, high clarity, brightness, and fullness in shape must all be met. The requirements for cutting are still more nitpicking, and even matching stones designed as small as 0.8mm can be inlaid with the top Hearts and Arrows diamonds. LUMIN GARDEN only provides customers with the finest materials.

For more about LUMIN GARDEN’s policy on jewelry materials, please refer to “Material Regulation“.

Original Design

Yi-Hsuan Lee, graduated from Taipei National University of the Arts, double majored in Western painting and modern ink painting during her studies, especially adept at Chinese cursive script. After starting making sculptures in 2019, she got inspired and extracted three unique oriental aesthetic concepts of “the breath of lines,” “the presence and absence,” and “the essence of posture” from calligraphy, ink painting, and sculpture. By applying them to jewelry design, she has built LUMIN GARDEN a highly recognizable aesthetic style.

Spirit of Contract

LUMIN GARDEN regards the relationship with clients or third-party companies as a long-term partnership and values contract and integrity. All documents and forms are based on the clarity and completeness of information, leaving no room for ambiguity. All jewelry works come with gemstone or precious metal certificates issued by licensed third-party institutes as the final quality control standard.

Founder Chun-Yuan Tan, GIA GG, CFP®
Chief Designer Yi-Hsuan Lee, GIA GG


Feeling that Western aesthetic standards has held dominant position in modern art jewelry, founder Chun-Yuan Tan together with artist Yi-Hsuan Lee co-founded LUMIN GARDEN Art Jewelry in Taipei, with the goal of “creating contemporary oriental jewelry that passes down culture yet not to be restricted by tradition.”


Established the first overseas base LUMIN GARDEN LIMITED in Sheung Wan, Hong Kong, providing custom-made jewelry services for companies and individual customers in the Greater China.


Yi-Hsuan Lee started sculpture creation and found inspiration in it. She extracted three oriental aesthetic concept of “the breath of lines,” “the presence and absence,” and “the essence of posture” from calligraphy, ink painting, and sculpture, establishing LUMIN GARDEN’s unique aesthetic style.


Sculpture works “One” was selected for Art Bank Taiwan’s Collection into the NTMoFA(National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts), and “Pine and Crane” was selected as the finalist in the 15th International Art Renewal Center Salon Competition.


As aesthetics gains more and more importance in architecture, LUMIN GARDEN has also expanded its services to public art and public construction to meet such needs, making the quality brand hence become recognized in both the fields of jewelry and art.