Event Record

Brand Story First on Air

LUMIN GARDEN was first invited to share with the audience on air the brand’s value proposition: “would rather give customers more than less.”

Chun-Yuan Tan, the founder of LUMIN GARDEN, was interviewed by Yun-Fen Xia, the DJ of the i like radio in BCC (Broadcasting Corporation of China), on July 19, 2016.

In the interview, Chun-Yuan talked about that the jewelry industry in Taiwan is currently facing a crisis of confidence. In recent years, the appraisal programs of jewelry on TV have raised consumers’ interest in jewelry. However, while a lot of audience brought their beloved collections to the programs, only to find the collections they bought were fakes. It has much deepened the public’s concerns and anxiety about buying jewelry. He said with sad feeling: “Before attending GIA, I also once spent big money to buy a gem of glass, so I can understand how they feel.”

In addition, Chun-Yuan had ever bought a 2 carats beautiful stone, but after identifying he found it was only 1.998 carats. Though the difference is extremely minimal, he insisted to return it back to the supplier. That is for protecting the customers. He stressed, “We hope our customers not only to buy a work of art, but also to be rest assured. The most important thing in jewelry industry is trust; without trust, this industry will collapse.”

For selecting the gems, LUMIN GARDEN has a set of strict rules. “Sometimes when we see customers wearing our works, we ourselves will still praise the stone once again!” Although the DJ played him a joke, saying “You are so narcissistic.”, Chun-Yuan was still full of confidence in his smile.

  • DATE / July 19, 2016