Arista Lee’s NFT

2021 is known as the first year of NFT. Blockchain technology has dropped seeds on the soil of art, and a large number of digital native creations have sprung up. Arista Lee, who is good at 3D modeling, has taken advantage by the way on the trend of this wave. She will be able to willfully sway her creation in the digital world that is not limited by physics.

2021 to 2022 is a golden period for Arista Lee to have a major change in style. In order to create unprecedented works of art, she chose the light that people are accustomed to as the theme. She devoted eight months of research, and gradually constructed a new set of cosmology from the perspective of an artist.

This series of new works combines science fiction and fantasy styles, and incorporates the most cutting-edge physics and information science in the 21st century. From time to time, the elements such as circuit diagrams, photon spins, and crypto currencies can be seen, which are quite different from the jewelry and sculpture themes created in the past. Therefore, we especially cooperated with MaiCoin Group, a well-known blockchain service provider in Taiwan, to create a new website “Arista Lee’s NFT” together with the AMIS team.

Arista Lee’s NFT is an independent mall that collects Arista Lee’s digital artworks. It can also be known as a parallel universe of LUMIN GARDEN. The works are all from the same creator, just one is in the virtual space, and the other is in the real kingdom, similar in blood, but affiliated to different worlds.

A science fiction scene created by Arista Lee.