Combining the two artistic forms of Chinese calligraphy and sculpture, Yi-Hsuan Lee reinterprets the cosmology of Eastern philosophy through the creation “One”.

The ancient Chinese mythology believed that the world originated from the Chaos, and was opened up by Titan Pan-gu. After his death, all parts of his body gradually turned into mountains, rivers, grasses, woods, the sun, the moon, and stars in Nature.

The operation of Nature has its own rules and is called “Tao”. The famous philosopher Lao-Tzu said, “Tao generates one, one generates two, two generates three, and three generates everything.” It means that the generation of everything in the world has a certain sequence of evolution.

According to this concept, Yi-Hsuan Lee uses sculpture to present the word ”One” of Chinese calligraphy. “One” is the beginning of natural numbers, and it also represents necessary process from none to thousands.

When this works is viewed from the left to the right side, it can be seen from the chaos gradually emerging several fish. And eventually it evolves into a complete fish, flapping its fins and jumping out.

Any complexity or variety originates from primitive simplicity.

  • SIZE / 64 * 6.5 * 28CM
  • YEAR / 2019
  • EDITION / 7/8

*Edition 2/8 was selected for Art Bank Taiwan’s Collection into the NTMoFA(National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts) in 2020. To view the roster, please click here.