Pine tree, known for being hardy, represents the character of steadfastness and integrity in the literati paintings in Song Dynasty, while crane is viewed as auspicious and ethereal in Eastern culture. The two together, described as “a thousand-year crane with a thousand-year pine,” symbolize exuberance and longevity.

The making of “Pine and Crane” was intricate and challenging. From composition development to armature building and oil-soil carving, interdisciplinary artist Yi-Hsuan Lee devoted four and a half months to exquisitely portraying the crane’s streamlined posture and depicting its wings and feathers as if kissed by airflow. After the subsequent processes of casting and assembling which took another two and a half months, the whole piece was finally completed.

In this work, the old pine tree grows high above the majestic sea of running clouds. The fairy crane gently stops on it, tugs one leg up and stands on the other, listening to the sound of the swaying pine tree in tranquility.

  • SIZE / 46 * 38 * 66.5CM
  • YEAR / 2020
  • EDITION / 2/8

*Edition 1/8 was selected as the finalist in the 15th International Art Renewal Center Salon Competition. To view the roster, please click here.