Event Record

First Crossover Conversation

On the afternoon of March 21, 2020, LUMIN GARDEN’s chief jewelry designer Yi-Hsuan Lee unveiled her creative process and had a crossover conversation on aesthetics with the renowned photographer Yin at an old mansion in Dadaocheng, Taipei.

In Yin’s artwork solo exhibition Le Figural / Flâner, Yi-Hsuan Lee was the the final speaker of the serial lectures. From Western and ink paintings to calligraphy and jewelry, she talked about her works and shared with the audiences her latest sculptures that haven’t officially debuted.

Different backgrounds and fields made the two artists’ exchange on ideas and perspectives more lively and refreshing than conventional patterns. Moreover, during the Q&A time, the audiences actively expressed their perceptions in both artists’ works, which lead the lecture to end in an uplifting vibe of sharing.

  • DATE / March 21, 2020