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Custom-made Jewelry

Custom-made jewelry is a relative term for mass produced jewelry, and also a way of classifying the jewelry making process.

Tailored according to the needs, characteristics, and preferences of different customers, custom-made jewelry is usually one piece production only rather than mass produced after mold making. As such, for jewelers, each piece is a new start of design as well as metalworking and requires more effort. Custom-made jewelry, hence, is regarded by jewelry brands as the highest level of services and also the very stage for displaying craft skills.

Compared to other luxury goods, high jewelry is particularly suitable for customization. In terms of materials, high-quality gemstones are absolutely rare, and the crystal shapes are never identical. Each stone, after cut and polished, shows its unique personality. With regard to the wearers, each individual also owns a different figure and temperament. If meticulously positioned and designed, jewelry as an extension of taste can not only manifest its value but aptly complement its wearer.

When receiving the piece especially customized for them, collectors of LUMIN GARDEN are most often with great excitement and joy. They perceive it as the jewelry that really belongs to them and is in line with their personal style and characteristics. Indeed, jewelry is never about the quantity but the quality and suitableness. If jewelry can provide its wearer with delight, confidence, and motivation, then every gemstone and gold sand’s long wait for millions of years underground along with the craftsmen’s inspirations and endeavors will all be worthwhile.

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Provide as much information as possible, such as color preferences, dressing style, wearing occasions, personal stories, and budget range. If haven’t had specific ideas about the gemstones and types, buyers can refer to LUMIN GARDEN’s gem book and design catalog.

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According to the requirements in Step 1, LUMIN GARDEN will select several main stones for buyer’s options. Once the buyer confirms and pays the deposit, we will provide him/her two designs in 3D graphics to choose, and then the production will be starting.

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The lead time depends on the complexity of the work and usually takes three to eight weeks. After the buyer completes the inspection and pays the balance, the jewelry will be ready for pick-up or delivery.


— Custom-made Gemstone Material —


Service Start Date July 31, 2014 September 17, 2018 December 12, 2019
〔Standard〕High Quality Main Stone
〔Optional〕Precise Cutting Colored Stone for Side Stone: 0.8MM+, Eye-Clean
〔Optional〕Precise Cutting Diamond for Side Stone: 0.8MM+, Hearts & Arrows