Event Record

CFPs Study Jewelry Fundamental Analysis

From East to West, from ancient to modern times, jewelry is the only world language that is not subject to time and space through the ages. And it is also the wealth that the elite class is reluctant to show up. Therefore it has always been covered with a veil of mystery.

To this, LUMIN GARDEN was asked by Taiwan Financial Planner Association to make a speech in the title of “High Jewelry – The Mysterious Border of Asset Allocation”, for the top financial professional employees, demonstrating the unique role and function of high jewelry in asset allocation.
Since all the participants attending the course were CFPs (Certified Financial Planners), LUMIN GARDEN especially featured the speech with the financial terms and expression for examples, crossing borders sharing high jewelry “fundamental analysis”. The process is not only educational and fun, but also much helpful to these CFPs to add new tools and topics in the service of high-end customers.

  • DATE / October 15, 2015