Water is the essence of life, carrying infinite possibilities.

The instant the water drop falls, the water splashes upward, and gravity stops. Thoughts begin to wander, through the gap of reality, to the realm of fantasy.

The water drop transforms into the moment when life breaks through the eggshell. Surrounded by floating water vapor, the newborn chick has yet to open its eyes, and a new journey awaits.

Combining water’s characteristics of being an essential element for life as well as a flow that changes constantly, the artist chooses transparent media to present the creative concept of magical realism. Through a string of dynamic images, the work captures eternity in an hour and creates a perspective seeing between reality and daydreams.

  • SIZE / 9.8 * 7.5 * 25.6CM
  • YEAR / 2020
  • EDITION / 1/8