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Lee’s Crossover Art Journey

LUMIN GARDEN, the art jewelry brand starting with custom-made service, is celebrated for having the characteristics of profound Eastern cultures. Nevertheless, little do people know that Yi-Hsuan Lee, the core figure in charge of its aesthetic creation, is not only an outstanding jewelry designer but also an exceptionally talented interdisciplinary artist.

Looking at the jewelry industry, Yi-Hsuan Lee ‘s background indeed makes her distinctive. She began receiving formal training in calligraphy and painting since the age of 12, and owing to the innate gift of art from her architect father, Yi-Hsuan Lee is extraordinarily good at perceiving subtle changes in light and texture. Such talents made it smooth sailing for her to double-major in modern ink painting and Western painting when studying in Taipei National University of the Arts.

The edification of Eastern and Western aesthetics from college led Yi-Hsuan Lee to a path where few people tread, but it also opened up her journey in the exploration of colors, lines, and three-dimensional materials; the long trip eventually took her to the field of jewelry, making her the cofounder and chief designer of LUMIN GARDEN. Now, in addition to jewelry design, Yi-Hsuan Lee also engages in sculpture creation. “For calligraphy, ink painting, sculpture, and jewelry design, although the media used and the skills required are different, the core concept of my creation stays the same.” she said.

Every year, Yi-Hsuan Lee travels around the world for new inspiration, and from both micro and macro perspectives, she observes the life and growth of animals, plants, and microorganisms. Having been nourished by the oriental culture since childhood, “I believe in the world there is invisible ‘qi’ flowing continuously along specific path, and so is what I see in nature; in the movements, stretches, and changes of creatures I can also feel the coherence and directionality as the flowing air. The process may be quiet and silent, but it is deeply poetic and dynamic. ” she said.

She attempts to preserve this flow of gradual change in her works while breaking the boundary between reality and fantasy. Animals can metamorphose into plants, and abstract ideas can also be transformed into tangible matter. Through these works, she hopes to introduce a new perspective for people to see the world.

  • DATE / February 2020