Public Art


The stainless steel sculpture is designed exclusively for Chungyuet ITC (International Trade Center) and is also Yi-Hsuan Lee’s first work of public art.

Sun Tzu said in The Art of War, “The rush of a torrent will even roll stones along because of its powerful strength.”

Yi-Hsuan Lee got her inspiration from the energy that emerges from heaven and earth. Through dynamic lines with grace and strength, Lee ingeniously captured the powerful momentum carried within the continuous flow of energy.

Together with Chungyuet ITC, “Power” will be standing in front of Taoyuan High Speed Rail Station. More than two stories high, it symbolizes the robust energy gathered by corporates that are stationed in the towering office building, leading world-changing trends.

  • SIZE / 199 * 175 * 799CM
  • EDITION / 1/1